Visual C Consulting Services

We Provide a One Stop Solution To All App Development Needs

• lead engineer has over 15 years of professional programming experience

• Ability to provide a fix cost on most projects -Knowledgeable in multiple techniques providing a one stop solution

• All projects are designed using a object oriented approach, allowing project to be easily maintained

The VC++ language was designed for mission chital applications. It produces faster code then today’s modern langue’s and allows access to the computer hardware. A efferent visual C++ programmer must be knowable in the language, operating system and hardware. Our lead engineer has over 15 years of C++ programming experience.

Examples of projects:

• Real time image processing to determine a mousse hart rate

• Device driver programming, including the implementation of the device driver used in the Sybil phone Simplex

• Simple programming lagug for graphics proto typing

• Real time defect yield analyses, used at TSMC semiconductor plant (Oracle back end serevr) technology experience has begun.

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